Adult Onesie

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What is a onesie for adults?

An adult onesie, also referred to as adult onsies or adult kigurumi, is a a type of a loose-fitting casual jumpsuit for adults similar to those worn by little children. Onesie for adults are typically made of knit cotton (as used in sweatshirts), fleece, or chenille and can feature no designs with a single color or an animal, an cartoon/anime character and fantastic creature.

Where to buy onesies for adults?

Onesie Pajamas® is definitely the best pajamas store online to shop all types of adult onesies, pajamas jumpsuits and Kigurumi for women and men!

Explore our great collection of Adult Onesies pajamas!

Most of our comfortable adult onesies pajamas are unisex and can suits both Women and Men and can feature a button up or zippered closures with insulating Polyester Cotton fabric. The Onesies are definitely the essential nightwear to enjoy wellness and cocooning at home!

Comfortable flannel onesies for adults looking for comfort and cocooning

These Onesies for adults have been designed with one goal in mind. To satisfy women and men looking for the perfect pajama suit! One that offers a balanced mix of style, comfort, and practicality. And that’s how the Onesie was born! Its cotton-polyester material offers a unique soft feeling all over the body, and preserves heat during winter. Snuggled up in an Onesie, you’ll experience tenderness and comfort in the evening after work, or on Sunday afternoons slumped in front of a TV show. One thing is for sure, the adult Onesie will replace your nightie or outdated sleepwear sooner than you think. So, which one is the one for you?

A wide selection of Onesies for women and men!

Our collection of Onesies for adults is composed of more than 200 different models. All conceived from a hypoallergenic and insulating fabric, these Onesies kigurumi are as varied by their colors or their designs. You will find for example among the most sold models unicorn, panda, cat, dog, lion, rabbit. In short, you have understood, our range of animal onesies for adults is vast! But that’s not all, at Ma Onesie we also have more sober models with plain colors or original patterns. So, what are you waiting for to buy an Onesie for teenagers or adults?

Do you really think you can sleep as well again with a classic pajama? Once you adopt the Onesie, you can’t do without it! In the evening or at night, it is perfect in all situations, to change after work, for the after shower or bath, to watch TV, or to go to bed. And some people even use it as a disguise!